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The Fairness to Pet Owners Act Gains Momentum as House Members Come Together for the Love of Pets

Congressional Hearing Held for the Fairness to Pet Owners Act

EAGLE, Idaho (May 5, 2016) — A love for pets helped house members find some accord in a hearing for the Fairness to Pet Owners Act. The proposed act would require veterinarians to provide clients a written prescription of their pet’s prescription, just like doctors are required to do for human prescriptions, thereby giving pet owners better choice on where prescriptions are filled.

Today, federal law does not require vets to provide a written prescription. As a result, pet owners often feel compelled to fill their pet’s prescription directly with the vet. At the April 29, 2016 hearing on the Fairness to Pet Owners Act (FTPOA) entitled “The Pet Medication Industry:  Issues and Perspectives,” the Federal Trade Commission testified and summarized their position saying, “The Commission concludes that greater prescription portability likely would enhance competition in the pet medications market, and thereby benefit consumers of pet medication.”

Nate Smith, Vice President of Strategy at True Science, also testified in favor of the FTPOA.  Mr. Smith indicated that by shopping at retail pharmacies, pet owners can save up to 20% on the same name brands and up to 50% on value branded equivalents. Furthermore, state laws requiring the pet owner to request a prescription are insufficient – given that many pet owners are unaware of their market options.

Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Report Magazine, also demonstrated their support of the FPTOA through a submitted statement: “This simple step – requiring that the consumer be given a copy of the prescription, to enable the consumer to choose where to purchase – has been of tremendous benefit to consumers in shopping for a variety of contact lenses and eyeglasses at the most affordable prices.  Similarly, the separation of prescription writing and prescription filling for human medications has helped bring lower prices for consumers at the pharmacy or through the mail… We believe the benefits of consumer choice are likewise an important consideration for the prescribing and sale of pet medications.”

The Fairness to Pet Owners Act puts the control back in the hands of the consumer giving them the option to fill their pet’s prescription where they desire, often at convenience and savings to them.  APAW fully supports this bi-partisan bill.

Copies of the FTC, True Science and Consumer’s Union statements provided to congress are available on-line at the following addresses:

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