Quality – Leadership – Savings. These are three important values PetIQ has embraced since its humble beginnings. We invite you to learn more about us – our values, our brands, and our formula for success in the pet health industry.


We strive to maximize product safety and efficacy through use of advanced technology and rigorous testing.


We know that doing what others do is not good enough. When it comes to company principles and values, we seek to lead, not follow.


We believe that it is important to provide quality products at affordable prices.


We believe in doing the right things with our partners, within our company, and with pets and pet parents.


We foster an environment that promotes collaboration and innovation.


We ensure achievement of high standards through individual accountability and contribution.


We believe in giving back through reputable charities for pets and pet owners.


We partner closely with veterinarians, pet experts and researchers to provide state-of-the-art products that improve pets’ lives.


At PetIQ, scientific research is the starting point for all of the products we make. Whether from published research or from our own clinical studies, we make pet products with support for being safe, and, if the product is designed to promote a given health benefit, use ingredients that have been proven to be effective. Our research and development team scrutinizes all product claims to assure they’re adequately substantiated. Products are formulated with the goal of being appetizing to the pet while supporting its overall health.


The path to quality products at PetIQ begins well before the manufacturing process – with product ingredients. We select those ingredient suppliers who meet our high quality standards. We actively assess the quality risk of our supply chain and audit our partners to assure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are being met. We also test products to make sure they meet or exceed labeled potency and industry standards for safety and product quality.

Made In USA

As part of our commitment to providing quality pet products, whenever commercially available, PetIQ sources ingredients and manufactures products right here in America.* This allows us to confidently stand behind the quality of each and every product.