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PetIQ™ was founded from our love of pets. We partner closely with veterinarians, pet experts and researchers to provide state-of-the-art products to improve pets’ lives. We believe that quality care for pets shouldn’t only be accessible to the privileged few, but should be widely available. That’s why PetIQ offers several brands that provide the same level of quality veterinarians recommend, at a price consumers can afford.

"Quality preventative health care for your dog is so important and PetIQ® has now made it readily available for all dog owners to have."
- Dr. Liz Hanson, DVM


Products backed by safety and efficacy research. At PetIQ™, scientific research is the starting point for all [...]


Quality validated from start to finish. The path to quality products at PetIQ™ begins well before the manufacturing [...]


PetIQ™ pioneered the way and brought the same pet prescription brands once exclusively sold at vet clinics [...]


At PetIQ™, scientific research is the starting point for all of the products we make. Whether from published research or from our own clinical studies, we make pet products with support for being safe, and, if the product is designed to promote a given health benefit, use ingredients that have been proven to be effective. Our research and development team scrutinizes all product claims to assure they’re adequately substantiated. Products are formulated with the goal of being appetizing to the pet while supporting its overall health.