Contracting for PetIQ is More Than a Gig—It’s a Lifestyle

For 19 years, Dr. Patricia Handal has worked as a contract veterinarian for PetIQ.

She held several clinic and non-clinic positions with other organizations throughout that time, but she always looked forward to working in the Community Clinics on the weekends. Find out what keeps her coming back after all these years.

How long have you been contracting with PetIQ?

It’s been 19 years. I started contracting in 2003, and I’ve been a veterinarian for 40 years now.

Why did you start contracting with PetIQ?

I started to see changes happening in the field. Pet owners wanted to have medical care available to their pets that mirrored human medicine. As full-service veterinary clinics began to offer more specialized services, it became expensive for pet parents to afford basic care for their pets.

A gap started to grow. Around then is when I saw an ad for PetIQ saying they were looking for veterinarians who could provide affordable and convenient care, so I applied. I really think PetIQ makes it easier for pet parents to get the care they need for their pets. As a veterinarian, it’s very rewarding to know that we’re helping. Even if we see the pet just once a year, we can identify any problems that might require the care of a full-service veterinarian.

That’s why PetIQ puts such an emphasis on preventive care?

Exactly. The pet parents are appreciative of that. You get to start talking with the pet parents and answering questions, which leads to a better experience and better care.

What is your pitch when you recommend that other veterinarians contract at PetIQ?

I tell them that they’re providing a good service for these pets. We’re not just giving a shot to the pet, we’re performing an exam, and we’re taking the time to talk to the pet parent. We’re taking the time to educate and inform them so that they really feel empowered to make educated care decisions.

I’ll also add that at PetIQ, you can have the flexibility to pick and choose when you work. To me, it’s a very livable situation where you’re not dealing with emergencies and holidays and weekends.

What is your favorite thing about contracting?

I had a job where I was telecommuting a lot. I missed the animals, being hands-on. I used to say to people, “Okay, this weekend, I’m going to get my kitty fix or my dog fix,” because I enjoy working with the animals.

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