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Our family of industry-leading pet product brands deliver prescription medication, over-the-counter treatments, supplies and treats to retailers across the country.

PetIQ Family of Products

Our Core Brands

PetArmor logo

Your pet family deserves the best—like simple protection from fleas and ticks, joint health support, and a healthy coat. Keep your pet happy and healthy, from nose to tail, with PetArmor.

Product Categories:
Flea & Tick, De-Wormers, Skin & Coat Care, Ear Care, Joint Care

CapStar Logo
CAPSTAR® (nitenpyram) are fast, effective, and available over-the-counter without a prescription. CAPSTAR oral tablets work from the inside out, killing adult fleas in just 30 minutes with one dose and is safe to administer daily as new fleas appear. Don’t wait for adult fleas to spread. Stop the itch. Give your pet CAPSTAR for fast flea relief today.

Product Categories:
Flea & Tick

We’ve developed our SENTRY products because we care about pets and their owners. For more than a decade, we’ve worked side by side with the leading pet experts and top universities researching safe, effective ways to help pets lead happier, less stressful lives. This experience led us to develop products scientifically proven to help reduce stress and eliminate destructive behaviors.

Product Categories:
Behavior, Calming

Advecta provides pet parents with affordable and convenient flea and tick protection for dogs and cats. Advecta dog products kill and repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, while Advecta cat products protect them from fleas by breaking the flea life cycle. Keep your pet health and happy year-round with these convenient, easy to use, at-home treatments you can trust.

Product Categories:
Flea & Tick

There’s nothing sweeter than an affectionate kiss from your favorite pooch – but unfortunately, bad dog breath can often ruin what should be an endearing moment. Thankfully, Minties dental treats are here to help. Minties helps control plaque and tartar, clean teeth, and ultimately freshen your pet’s breath.

Product Category:
Dental Treats

Sergeant’s Pet Care Products has worked to support the health and well-being of pets since 1868. Throughout the years, we’ve developed and refined many products that remain on the shelves year after year. We understand that your pet means everything to you. We strive to provide high-quality, affordable pet products to help you and your pets live their best lives.

Product categories:
Flea & Tick, Grooming

Rocco & Roxie

They say if you want to start a business, you should look for something you love. In our case, that was pretty easy. They were right there at our feet under the dining table: Rocco, an exuberant Labradoodle, and Roxie, a cool tabby shelter cat. We make great products for pets and people who love them.

Product categories:
Cleaning, Training, Treats

Additional Brands

VetIQ Logo
At VetIQ, we believe every dog deserves to live a healthy, active, and happy life. VetIQ pet health supplements help your dog spend many healthy and happy years with your family.
Pur Luv Logo
Pūr Luv® treat flavors make them irresistible to dogs! Large and small dogs enjoy the chewy, long-lasting treats made with quality ingredients. They are sure to have your dog begging for more. Try them today!
Bubba's Rowdy Friends

At Bubba’s Rowdy Friends, we’ve been around long enough to know that pet-hood doesn’t always go as planned and that our rambunctious rascals are often chaos-creators. But we take your daily pet dilemmas seriously, so you don’t have to. That’s why we make products that fight stains, remove smells and lift dirt like no other. Because, while we believe messes aren’t a big deal, we also believe no pet or pet parent deserves to live in one.

PetAction Logo

Convenient, fast-acting flea and ticks control that’s long-lasting and waterproof. PetAction contains the same active ingredients as other brands for a fraction of the price.

CapAction Logo

Remove the hassle of messy flea treatments with an orally administered tablet that doesn’t wash off. A single dose of CAPACTION tablets begins to kill fleas on your pet in 30 minutes. If your pet gets re-infested with fleas, you can safely give another dose as often as once per day. CAPACTION is safe for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age or older.

Foster Pet Health logo

We’re making pet care easier. Giving your pet the best life possible shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we made Foster—delicious soft chews with easy-to-understand benefits, powerful ingredients, and formulas developed alongside veterinarians.