PetIQ’s Focus on Preventive Veterinary Medicine Improves the Quality of Life for Pets

Diagnosing medical conditions early on can make a difference in a pet’s quality of life. That is why PetIQ veterinarian Dr. Christine Cornish of Clifton Park, NY, puts a particular emphasis on them.

“Eight-week physical exams are so helpful to set a puppy up for success throughout life,” Dr. Cornish said. “You can make a real difference with preventive care.”

As part of its mission, PetIQ aims to make preventive veterinary care, like eight-week puppy exams, more accessible to more pets and pet parents. This mission helps empower pet owners when making care decisions and keeps them in front of future concerns.

“When we do exams on puppies, like with mixed breed puppies, everything may seem normal, but sometimes we can notice abnormalities that can have potentially catastrophic consequences if not caught and corrected early in life,” said Dr. Cornish.

Recently, a pet parent brought a Pug puppy to a PetIQ clinic where Dr. Cornish was working that day.

“You’re always on high alert with brachycephalic or short nose breeds like pugs. They have many conditions that can take a turn for the worst.”

While performing the eight-week exam, Dr. Cornish noticed that something was wrong. The pug had a congenital condition called pectus excavatum, also known as funnel chest.

Dr. Cornish referred the dog to a specialist, and because the condition was caught before the dog’s growth plates had closed, corrective surgery could be performed to allow for a normal life without complications.

“I’m so glad we can make routine care so easy and convenient,” Dr. Cornish said. “I feel like I’m making a difference when I come to work every day.”

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