PetIQ Helps Make Dream Jobs A Reality

Since she was four years old, Dr. Katelyn Moore knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. So, when she graduated from veterinarian school at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee in May 2021, she was ready to make her dream a reality.

Katelyn joined the PetIQ team as a part-time Wellness Center veterinarian immediately after graduation. From the start, she’s been living her dream every day.

What was your perception of PetIQ before working there, and what is it now?

I thought I was going into the corporate veterinarian world, that there would be protocols I’d have to follow and that I wouldn’t be able to use my degree to its fullest possibilities. Now that I’ve been here for more than half a year, I know it’s not like that at all—they let you practice medicine the way you want to practice medicine.

What made you want to work at PetIQ?

I really liked the flexibility they offered. I usually work in the center from 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., so I still have my mornings to do different things.

How would you compare your experiences at PetIQ to either internships or externships you had at school?

In school, I was doing externships in a different private practice every four weeks, but PetIQ is at a much faster pace, which I really like. You get to see more animals. I also liked that there was no surgery and no euthanasia at PetIQ, so you don’t have as much of that stress or compassion fatigue. At the Wellness Center, we do see some minor medical issues, but for the most part, it’s a very upbeat and happy place to be.

Would you, or have you recommended working at PetIQ to any of your classmates?

I have! Like me, she was really drawn in by the flexibility PetIQ offers. They are willing to work with you and your schedule. She’s definitely going to join the team, and it’s something I would recommend to any of my classmates looking for that.

What’s the best part of your day working at PetIQ?

It’s definitely the client interactions. We have some really good clients, really good patients, and that kind of veterinarian to pet and pet parent interaction is definitely the best part.

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