How Does Telehealth Further the Goals of Preventive Care at PetIQ?

“Telehealth and tele-education are a very powerful means of being a primary access point for a brand-new pet parent or one who just doesn’t know which direction to go.”

PetIQ Uses Telehealth to Improve the Lives of Pets

At PetIQ, we use telehealth to open communication channels between veterinarians and pet parents to ensure that when questions arise, pet parents can get the information they need to make the right care decisions for their pets. For example, a pet parent might have follow-up questions about diet, care, or medications after a care session in one of our wellness clinics. Telehealth allows them to follow up with the veterinarian who saw their pet, so they can make the right choices and get the information they need. Pet parents can also use telehealth to get in touch with a PetIQ veterinarian when their regular full-service provider might be otherwise unavailable and get education and advice on pet wellness.

At PetIQ, we know that preventive care is critical care. Providing telehealth is another way for us to expand access to preventive care and education so that pets live happier, healthier lives and fewer pets end up going to surgery for conditions that could have been caught and prevented earlier on in their lives.

Telehealth Fits into the Continuum of Care for Pets

At PetIQ, we see telehealth as the connection point for pet parents who might have trouble getting into a clinic and seeing a veterinarian face-to-face. Our telehealth offering is not limited to current clients of PetIQ. So whenever a pet parent is having issues accessing a veterinarian, for whatever reason, our telehealth offering is there for them to ensure that they can get their questions answered and their pet can continue receiving care. No veterinary provider can be everything for all pets, so our telehealth program allows us to expand access to preventive veterinary care for people and pets across the U.S.

PetIQ’s Telehealth Model Helps Veterinarians

PetIQ’s telehealth model helps with the flow of the veterinary practice. By providing telehealth, we give pet parents more opportunities to provide and gain information, even before they come into the clinic. This gives our veterinarians a better understanding of the pets before they come in and can help eliminate some questions or concerns, allowing our veterinarians to see more pets. Pet parents will be able to come to a wellness clinic and tell the veterinarian about the conversations they have had over telehealth, what the issue is, and what they have already tried to resolve the issue—so that veterinarians can give more accurate advice and treatment and ultimately so their chances of giving the pet a happy, healthy life increase.

On the other end of the spectrum, telehealth allows our veterinarians to provide continued education to pet parents, even after they have visited the clinic. When pet parents call after a visit to the clinic with questions about diet, preventative medication, exercise, etc., our veterinarians know that the mission of preventive care is being continued. Providing pet parents with the knowledge they need to give pets happy, healthy lives is one of the reasons our veterinarians love working at PetIQ—and telehealth gives them another opportunity to do that.

PetIQ’s Telehealth Model Helps with Veterinarian Work-Life Balance

PetIQ’s telehealth model helps provide better outcomes for pets through improved access to education and treatment—and our veterinarians can see the impact of preventive care in pets’ lives, which is an incredibly rewarding experience. Additionally, telehealth helps reduce the burden of work for our veterinarians so that they can focus on providing best-in-class preventive care in our wellness clinics. Many of our telehealth offerings are operated by our expert veterinary technicians, who can provide education and treatment advice to pet parents before a visit to the clinic. This helps in-person visits to move smoothly and swiftly, as both the veterinarian and the pet parent are better prepared for the visit. Ultimately, telehealth supports our mission to improve veterinarian lives as we improve pet lives, helping reduce burnout and increase success!

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