PetIQ’s Veterinarian Mentorship Program

“PetIQ attracts veterinarians from all age groups and demographics, and we have a different practice model than regular full-service providers.” — Dr. Amy Bowman

That’s why PetIQ’s Dr. Bowman created the veterinarian mentorship program — to give PetIQ vets a head start on their dream job.

For the past 15 years of her career, Dr. Bowman has strived to help veterinarians develop the skills and mindset to succeed. She created the mentorship program at PetIQ to continue that mission and help veterinarians succeed.

How does the PetIQ Veterinarian Mentorship Program work?

Every new full-time or part-time PetIQ veterinarian is automatically enrolled in the program and paired with a successful PetIQ vet to guide them through their first few weeks at PetIQ and provide additional support. The mentorship program is part of the larger PetIQ onboarding experience that ensures new PetIQ veterinarians (whether they are new to veterinary medicine or not) understand the unique way PetIQ operates and feel comfortable in their new position. The onboarding process is self-driven and covers everything from high-level information about PetIQ’s different services and facilities to reflection questions to help new doctors engage with the PetIQ model.

The mentorship pairing and onboarding experiences are designed to be primarily virtual so that new veterinarians can be paired with experienced veterinarians from anywhere in PetIQ’s extensive network. However, if a doctor needs help with technology or would rather engage with their mentor in person, PetIQ creates opportunities for them to spend time with their mentor in the Wellness Center.

Why did you create the onboarding experience and Mentorship Program?

Firstly, PetIQ’s model is very different from other full-service veterinarian practices. No on-call or surgery can be a big draw for many veterinarians, but it can also take some getting used to. The onboarding process helps our team members get accustomed to our practice model. Being paired with a successful and experienced PetIQ veterinarian means that they have access to someone who really understands the model and can answer any questions that aren’t covered in the onboarding materials.

Secondly, it is an important part of building a holistic network for our veterinarians. The mentorship program gives our veterinarians access to a greater community of veterinarians who can help them make decisions and provide support and care to them if they need it. Our veterinarians have a lot of decision-making power in their clinics, but it is always helpful to add a set of friendly eyes to a decision. Having someone there to support you can help with a lot of the stresses that come with being a veterinary practitioner. The mentorship program also allows new voices at PetIQ to be heard. We developed the program with the same mindset that we brought to forming our Medical Advisory Council. The idea is that the voices of our veterinarians make PetIQ stronger as a whole and that as a network, we can share ideas, practice better medicine and support each other. We want to encourage collaboration in our veterinary network, from discussions around medical care, to how we can improve the client experience, to how we can even enhance our facilities and the structure of the place where we do our business—the best insights come from the field and our veterinarians.

What makes a successful PetIQ veterinarian?

Our new veterinarians are paired with what we think of as successful PetIQ veterinarians. These veterinarians are people who are engaged with their practice and engaged with our ongoing goal of growing and developing PetIQ based on the voices of our veterinarians and the needs of our clients. They have a positive outlook and a great team working with them at their clinic. A successful veterinarian with PetIQ is somebody who has raised their hand and said, “I love this practice, and I want to help others discover it and be successful at it,” and someone who is comfortable with our model. The bottom line is that success at PetIQ is about more than pure results. It’s about wanting to make the world of veterinary medicine a better place, wanting to impact the lives of clients and their team members, and wanting to be a leader who inspires other veterinarians.

Our view of success shapes the way we see the mentorship program and how we onboard new vets. It’s more than just understanding the ins and outs of your new role; it’s about understanding the PetIQ model and your position as part of a much larger network of veterinarians who are able to support and guide each other.

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