PetIQ in the Community: Connecting With Pets and Pet Parents

PetIQ Breaks Down Barriers to Petcare

PetIQ is dedicated to breaking down barriers to make it easier for pet parents to care for their pets. As part of this mission, many of our veterinarians and staff members step outside the clinic and participate in local community events to engage with pets and pet parents on a more personal level. Read more about PetIQ’s community outreach programs from Dr. Christopher Tuma, Dr. Chauna Stinson and Dr. Brandi Sandstrom.

PetIQ Connects With Our Local Communities

Veterinarians at PetIQ are committed to building relationships within each community they serve. According to Dr. Tuma, “It’s always been a part of our culture to step outside, do events and try to engage the public the best we can.” The goal of community outreach, he explained, “is to try to get out in the community and empower veterinarians to do what we feel will work the best in our individual communities.”

Over the past several months, PetIQ veterinarians have joined in or created local events to spread the word about our approach to 5-star preventive veterinary care. By participating in these events and engaging the public, PetIQ believes pet parents will feel more comfortable entering their local PetIQ location with any pet-related questions they may have.

PetIQ Veterinarians Tailor Outreach Programs to Their Location

Last year in Oklahoma, Dr Tuma and the Enid, Oklahoma, VetIQ Wellness Center staff stuffed stockings with dog treats and informational brochures. A program such as this, said Dr. Tuma is “the best part of veterinary medicine. To be able to interact with largely healthy pets and talk to people about their pets and how they should take care of their pets, it makes you feel good to be able to help them and it’s not work for us.”

Coming up this year in Texas, the Ft. Worth VetIQ Wellness Center will sponsor a table at a 5K event called Hungry Hound Hustle. Dr. Stinson explained it as “an opportunity for them [the community] to meet us and meet the vets [veterinarians] and see who we are and why we do what we do and get some conversations going.”

Our team in Louisiana recently came together at an event aligned with the Mardi Gras festivities called the Krewe of Barkus, a parade just for dogs. Dr. Sandstrom is more excited for the opportunity to work alongside her colleague Dr. Joey Landry and said, “It’s just a fun, friendly way to engage people.”

PetIQ and Preventive Care

PetIQ veterinarians focus on preventing disease and illness in pets nationwide, and our local clinics enable pet parents to access care nearly everywhere. Dr. Stinson said, “The no-appointment, walk-in sort of platform that we run on is so convenient for owners.” When other veterinary clinics have no appointments for days, weeks and sometimes even months, PetIQ’s model allows pet parents to walk in on the same day and receive the care or advice they need to best care for their beloved pets.

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